TNA Wrestling leaves Universal | Eye on Orlando

TNA Wrestling leaves Universal


The end of an era.. well an 8 year era that is; TNA Wrestling which has been living at Universal is to stop taping their “Impact Wrestling” show on March 7th.


TNA say their show which airs on Spike TV is to hit the road and tour around the US instead of being just in  one location.

The TNA President Dixie Carter “This is a very important next evolution for the company, and I’m excited that the backdrop to the show will feature our great fans in larger arenas around the country and world,”


The broadcasts, free to Universal guests, had been taped in one of the theme park’s backstage soundstages since 2004. “Impact Wrestling” is seen in more than 120 countries.

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said  “We are grateful for the partnership we’ve had with TNA,”