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Last Two Days to See “Star Wars Episode I 3D”


Today and Tomorrow—Last Two Days to See

Star Wars®: Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D

on the Big Screen of the Digital Adventure Theater

Next Week, Prepare for “The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey 3D”

Friday, Feb. 22 at 7:50 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7:50 p.m.

Orlando Science Center

Star warsThe first Hollywood feature film to have debuted at the Orlando Science Center’s Digital Adventure Theater will be screening for only two more days—“Star Wars®: Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D.”

Starring Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman and directed by George Lucas, the epic story of Anakin Skywalker begins on the big screen for the first time ever in 3D.

A young slave boy on the desert planet Tatooine, Anakin is strong in the Force, and an amazing Podracer pilot. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn discovers Anakin and sees his potential to be a great Jedi Knight. Meanwhile, the droid army of the greedy Trade Federation invades the peaceful planet of Naboo as part of a secret plot by the Sith to gain power. In defending Queen Amidala of Naboo, the Jedi Knights will cross lightsaber blades with the deadly Sith Lord, Darth Maul.