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Harry the Praying Mantis


Orlando Science Center
Opening September 24 on Level 2

Take a trip with Harry the Praying Mantis on a tour of his Bug World. Developed by the Audubon Nature Institute, the exhibit features nine interactive habitats with nearly 20 hands on exhibits and live insects displayed in their natural surroundings.

The exhibit is a multisensory experience that immerses visitors in the world of bugs and combines high technology with creepy crawly fun. Featuring live bugs, video, audio, games, and more Harry’s Big Adventure is designed to give spectators an up-close view of nature and a new perspective of the role insects play in our environment. Some of the highlights include…

  • The Zoom Room where visitors are greeted by six HD screens and amazing surround sound introducing insects from all over the globe.
  • The Water Habitat transports visitors deep into a backwater brimming with crawfish, water scorpions and more.  Guests can also explore the metamorphosis of mosquitoes and dragonflies while visiting the habitat.
  • The Forest Habitat tells the story of how insects like termites recycle organic matter, keeping the forest healthy and balanced. Discover a live ant colony, seeing them create tunnels in their colony, while below, a Chilean rose-haired tarantula relaxes inside his glass enclosure.
  • In the House Habitat, we’re reminded that there’s no place home – unless it’s an insect-infested home.  This house has hundreds of bugs crawling around in it!  See what happens when your little home inspector finds bedbugs in the bed.
  • At the Build-A-Bug station in the multifaceted art center, kids combine insect parts into their own custom creation.  Visitors express their creativity as they digitally design bugs using a touch-screen video program. Once they finish, the little “Bugcassos” can release their bugs into a chosen habitat and see if they can survive.

Don’t miss this exhibit on the weekends, when some of the most unique programming takes place. For example, your kids will “eww and ahh” over the creepy-crawly culinary creations put together by The Audubon Insectarium Bug Chef. If bugs for lunch aren’t quite your taste, come and root for your favorite roach in a wildly competitive chase to the finish line.

Experience this unique journey through the habitats, sights, sounds and social structures of some of the world’s smallest, yet most important contributors. You’re sure to come away with a new respect for these creatures and the role they play.


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