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Baby Mongoose Lemurs


Update from Busch Gardens…

Here is the eagerly awaited update on two of the most adorable residents living in Curiosity Caverns at Busch Gardens Tampa, our Mongoose lemur twins…..

Born on April 6, to mom, Rosalita, and dad, Guillermo, the twins are now over 2 months old.

Mom, dad and both babies are doing fantastic. While their favorite parent to catch a ride on is still dear, sweet mom, dad does his part in raising the twins and can often be seen carrying one of the babies on his side, just like mom does.

The babies already have two distinct personalities. One is a lot more bold and adventurous, while the other is more careful and stays close to Rosalita or Guillermo at all times. By the picture, can you guess which is the more cautious and watchful one and which one is more confident?

While we do have our guesses, keepers still aren’t certain of the sex of the twins. They stay very close to mom and dad and when they do get off and approach keepers, they are really fast. They bound around quickly to practice their jumping and climbing skills and then they are soon back with one of the parents.

Both babies already have very sharp teeth and are starting to experiment with solid foods, even going as far as trying to steal pieces of food out of mom’s hands. You can see one is thinking about it right now.

In an effort to begin a training program with the twins, the keepers have begun offering the babies small pieces of fruit. This helps by getting the babies comfortable with approaching us and taking food from us. After a short time, we will be able to start weighing them and teaching them to crate comfortably, just like their parents do.

Stay tuned for more mongoo