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Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is open


Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the eagerly awaited family adventure ride that brings you chilly 30-degree temperatures and is the home to nearly 250 penguins, is now open at SeaWorld Orlando!

To celebrate the grand opening of Antarctica,  award-winning country artist Lauren Alaina, sang a special remix version of the song for the ride called “Antarctica: One World, One Family” (Not as annoying as its a small world!). This is now available for free download  here.



Only SeaWorld Orlando can fully immerse you into the thrilling, chilling continent few will ever experience. Antarctica is a realm in SeaWorld where icebergs, snowcaps and howling winds greet you at this South Pole creation.

You’ll also meet a very special penguin named Puck, and through his eyes you’ll learn about penguin life and the dangers and beauty of this frozen land.